How It Works

Tizing Deals give businesses and consumers the opportunities to establish a fruitfull and mutually profitable relationship. This is truly a win-win for all. Here businesses can post their special offers:

  1. Coupons - mainly used for products. The code generated can be redeemed either on the customer's phone or the staff's portal.

  2. Daily Deals - Offers are made for a fraction of the regular price. Subscribers purchase online at the reduced price and is redeemed without paying any additional charges. Businesses get 70% payout within 3-7 days. PRICE WILL BE IN USD.

  3. Specials - such as happy hour, any day of the week.

  4. Fund Raising - Coupons, Daily Deals and Specials can be assigned to needy causes.

Businesses contact us to sign up, Select your plan and start sending us your offers. We will then share your offers with our subscribers.

For Subscribers

Here is your great opportunity to always get notified of the best deals from your local favourite businesses. In addition you can help contribute to your community when you participate in Fundraisers for a needy cause.

Get notified via text or email when you sign-up for the best deals around:

  1. Coupons - presents your coupon to the local business to redeem your offer.

  2. Daily Deals - Purchase your daily deal online for a fraction of the regular price. Price will be in USD.

  3. Specials - Daily or weekly specials such as happy hour.

  4. Fund Raising - Help contribute to a local worthy cause when you take up an offer with an attached Fundraising.