25% OFF Annual My Comprehensive Health Care Plan

What You'll Get

Savings of $210.00 USD, when you get an annual subscription to the My Comprehensive Health Care monitoring plan. You will receive login information after the code is redeemed online.

We will monitor over 25 different health trackers such as:
Blood Pressure
Blood Sugar
Heart Rate

The Fine Print

This service will not replace your face to face interaction with your local physician.

A reliable internet service is required to access this service.

There will be no physical contact between you and the physician as this is long distance monitoring.

Price is in USD.

Available world-wide.

About MyEasycareMD

We provide advanced telemedicine to our patients including video visits, text consultations and remote monitoring. Our physician is a licensed and experienced medical practitioner with over 30 years of service.

25% OFF Annual My Comprehensive Health Care Plan



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